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Sett 3 Expedition tent  
ID:7956 :Sett 3 EAN:8591203089869
2 years
Shipping 24h
275.95 EUR
179.37  EUR
96.58 EUR
34 %
179.37 EUR
Arrant 3
142.62 EUR  92.7 EUR
Tycoon 2
80.71 EUR  52.46 EUR
Tycoon 3
92.62 EUR  60.2 EUR
Tycoon 4
104.52 EUR  67.94 EUR
Serak 3
218.81 EUR  142.23 EUR
Shelter 3
216.43 EUR  140.68 EUR
325.95 EUR  211.87 EUR

Hannah Sett 3 Tent

The Hannah Sett 3 tourist tent is a relatively light expedition tent with a durable construction. A spacious vestibule with a detachable floor and a well-ventilated bedroom form a complete unit that will provide versatility in almost every condition encountered.

Adventure tent series is addressed to people who are going on longer trips and expeditions, requiring from the equipment above all reliability. The materials used are characterized by high strength, and the structures used are characterized by high stability. Tents from the Hannah Adventure group perform excellently almost all year round, both during a shorter trip, long trekking or exploration of new areas.

The Hannah Sett 3 tourist tent can accommodate up to three people. The structure was based on 3 brackets made of durable aluminum alloy - Dural 7001-T6. The external support system provides the whole greater stability and resistance during demanding outdoor conditions, it is also easier and faster to dismantle.

The materials used, both tropics and floors, provide high water resistance parameters. This will allow you to find a safe haven even in the event of a stronger rain. The spacious vestibule with two entrances on both sides has been equipped with a practical floor - which, if necessary, can be detached to reduce the weight of the set. The ventilation system of the bedroom and the vestibule will work during full "accommodation" or in slightly warmer conditions. The design of the ventilation openings has been designed to minimize the risk of water falling into the bedroom. Inside the tent there are extremely useful pockets for handy trinkets, such as headlamps, which help keep the tent in order.

The Hannah Sett 3 tent is the perfect choice for a small group of travelers. Easy and fast spacing of the entire structure allows you to quickly prepare a place to sleep, and the durability and parameters of waterproofness will allow you to comfortably sleep even in more difficult weather conditions.

The most important features:

Stable construction;

The frame is made of durable and light Dural 7001-T6;

The vestibule with the floor with the possibility of its dismantling;

Two entries from the outside;

The high water resistance of the tropics and the floor works well during rain;

The external frame ensures easy unfolding;

3 vents are responsible for effective ventilation;

Inner pockets for small items;

The frame of selected Hannah tents is made of durable Dural material. It is an aluminum alloy 7001 - T6. It is characterized by a very low weight while maintaining great strength and good flexibility. Withstands long-term load conditions. Tents equipped with Dural bows have been tested in terms of durability and work very well even in windy conditions.

Number of people: 3

Number of hoops: 3

Material of headbands: Dural 7001-T6

Floor material: 190T polyester PU

Bedroom material: 190T polyester

Tropical material: 210T polyester R / S PU

Bonded seams: Yes

Season: 3

Vestibule: 1

Frame: Outer

Diameter of the bows: 8.9 and 9.5 mm

Weight: 4285 g (with cover)

Inputs: 2 to the vestibule

Water resistance: 10,000 mm

Waterproofness of the tropics: 4,000 mm

Package dimensions: approx. 56 x ø19 cm

Dimensions after breaking: ---

Dimensions of the bedroom: approx. 220 x 190 x 105 cm

Name Value