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Wisport - is one of the more well-known and appreciated manufacturers of outdoor and military equipment. The company specializes in the production of high quality backpacks for tourist and military use as well as hunting equipment. Backpacks of the company because very well-known and appreciated by specialists constructions enriched with many years of experience.
The company exists since 1984 and specializes in the production of backpacks. WISPORTU's current offer includes trekking backpacks, tourist backpacks, military and survival rucksacks, special rucksacks and city rucksacks. The company's offer includes: polar, ski trousers, thermoactive underwear, organic cotton t-shirts, travel protectors, trekking and ski socks and a wide assortment of accessories (first aid kits, transport vests, raincoats, rakes covers, etc.), trousers and buckles .
Currently, the most recognized products on the market are:
Reindeer 55, Reindeer 75
Raccoon 45, Raccoon 65, Raccoon 85
Sparrow 30
Sparrow 20L
QuickPack 55, QuickPack 65
Pear 24
Canyon 28
Mosquito 70, Mosquito Max
Wildcat 55
Zipper Fox 40, Zipper Fox 25
Irbis XS, Irbis 55
Gun cover 100, Gun cover 120

Wisport products are continually refined. Manufacturers based on their experiences and military comments and other users of their equipment are perfecting their solutions. Wisport products are known for their high strength due to materials used and resistance to damage.
Okilook - is one of the major distributors of Wisport backpacks.
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